The Orlance MACH-1 needle-free vaccine platform will provide a rapidly-deployable, ambient stable, dose sparing and easy to use product to increase immunization in sectors underserved due to logistics, skilled personnel and/or needlestick hesitancy. MACH-1 technology along with being rapidly deployable is also capable of delivering multiple vaccines to multiple individuals with a single device.

Mach-1 uses pressurized gas to accelerate microparticles of DNA vaccines, RNA vaccines or a combination of both. Vaccine microparticles penetrate the outer layer of the skin and reach the highly immunogenic epidermal layer These vaccine microparticles achieve intracellular delivery and transfection in local antigen presenting cells (dendritic cells, Langerhans cells) within the epidermis, resulting in robust induction of systemic and mucosal antibody and cytotoxic T cell responses. MACH-1 uniquely targets the epidermis and minimizes less-effective dosing to deeper tissue layers; this differentiates MACH-1 vaccines’ ability to create highly effective vaccines with the smaller doses than competitive technologies.

Initial target applications are nucleic acid vaccines and immunotherapies—including both mRNA and DNA vaccines

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